Where you lay your head is important!

Camp Brittney is located in Atenas, Costa Rica, which was rated by National Geographic as having the best climate in the world! Our 17-acre mission base camp includes room for up to120 people!  Our facilities are clean and safe, with American-style plumbing, and we have fresh, clean, running water, which is safe to drink.  Check out everything we have available for your students and your mission teams.  Some of our amenities include:

  • A guest house which can accommodate up to 40 people.

  • 4 cabins which can accommodate up to 20 people each.

  • Large swimming pool.

  • Soccer field.

  • Ministry-owned, dependable, team transportation.

  • Commercial kitchen, serving authentic Costa Rican food and American favorites.

  • Various break-out areas. 


The first, and most important, way to volunteer with Camp Brittney is through prayer. We need and appreciate more than anything individuals who love the Lord and will lift us up before the throne of grace. Our goal is to have people praying for Camp Brittney every day of the week, every month and each new year. We hope that you will partner with us in this very important way!

Prayer Group
Spread the Word

The second way is by raising awareness of this ministry within your circle of influence! We are always looking and praying for new ministry partners, and you could help spread the word in your area. Telling the Camp Brittney story is exciting and powerful, and also a huge help to us! If you are interested in getting involved from the States, this is a wonderful way!

Use Your Skills

The third opportunity to volunteer with Camp Brittney is by bringing your gifts and skills and using them at camp! Are you gifted in Photography, Videography, Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Gardening or Agriculture? We would love to have you, and showcase your talents on our property or website! Just fill out the contact form below to get in touch with the Camp Brittany team!

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