The Story of CampBrittney

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In Her Memory, For His Name

In June 2004, 14-year-old Brittney Strom made what would be her only mission trip to Costa Rica.  Her heart was broken for the children she witnessed, who were forced to live under the worst conditions.  On that trip, God called her to be a missionary to the Costa Rican people! 


In January 2005, Brittney’s life ended tragically in a plane crash, which also claimed her entire family.  However, Brittney’s call lives on.  The Brittney Strom Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in her memory, with the purpose of constructing and operating a youth camp in the mountains of Atenas, Costa Rica.  The camp would become the heart of ministry outreach efforts to impact those who had so deeply touched Brittney’s soul!


On September 21, 2006, the 17-acre camp property, known as Camp Brittney, was paid for in full.  The payoff of this property was truly a miracle of God, and a confirmation from Him that Brittney’s mission would continue!

Since then, true to its mission, Camp Brittney has been impacting lives and eternity in Costa Rica by making Jesus known, and loving in His name.  Camp Brittney’s ministry has been felt all over Costa Rica, and beyond!  Since its founding, Camp Brittney has:

  • Hosted thousands of children and youth at week-long outreach camps.

  • Hosted hundreds of volunteers from US churches for short-term mission projects.

  • Helped hundreds of children attend school by providing much-needed school supplies.

  • Planted many new churches in various areas of Costa Rica.

  • Served as the base for the Strom Bible Institute in Costa Rica.

  • Trained ministry leaders and lay-leaders for service throughout Costa Rica.

  • Sent Costa Rican missionaries to serve in other Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Led hundreds of varied types of mission projects in many areas of Costa Rica.

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As God continues to grow this ministry, we look back with gratitude and amazement at all He has done!  Through Brittney’s obedience to His call, incredible things have been accomplished for the Kingdom! 


Now, as we look forward with excitement and anticipation of all He is calling us to do, we know He is still at work, and great things lie ahead!


Just think, if God can do all this through one 14-year-old girl, imagine what He can do through you! 


Let’s talk…and see how God can use you in Costa Rica!